Add It Up

Norwex is all I use for laundry duties. I love the Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergentsince it’s free from all sorts of additives and bad stuff. And then the bright green Dryer Balls tumble around in the dryer totally eliminating my need for fabric softener.

Usually that’s all I need. But some loads might need a little extra boost. Here are two still-totally-safe additives to try. (Yes, that might be the only time that word is used in a positive light!)

1. Norwex Dishwashing Liquid: This stuff is one of my favorites as of late. Not only does it rock the snot off my dishes, but it’s a killer stain remover as well. Squirt a little right into the water of your washing machine (along with the Norwex detergent) for extra stain removing power.

2. Norwex Odor Eliminator: I mostly use this diluted as a very effective air freshener. (It’s not a deodorizer that just adds fragrance to try to cover up the smell. It takes away the odor and that’s that. Not much of a fragrance at all is left behind, and I like that.) Have a smelly load of laundry? Add a capful of Odor Eliminator to the slot in your washing machine that’s made for fabric softener and then fill the rest of the compartment with water.

Mix and match. Find what works for you. I love that Norwex products are so multi-functional. Makes them well worth their initial investment!


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