Even though it’s not hard at all to use the wonderful Bathroom Scrub Mitt that yes, hangs right in my shower, I must admit that my husband and I have totally neglected it for…well, a long time. Here’s proof.

Even more embarrassing is this snapshot of what had collected around one of the fixtures.

Gross. I truly believe I could have scrubbed the place down with the more abrasive side of the Bathroom Scrub Mitt, but I was feeling lazy. So I reached for the super strong Cleaning Paste and made it do all the work for me.

I dipped my damp Enviro Cloth into the Cleaning Paste and wiped down the tub and faucets. After a rinse and less than 5 minutes later, I had a much more presentable tub.

Stepping into a sparkling clean shower feels great. And the plan is to maintain this freshness by running the Bathroom Scrub Mitt over the shower surfaces at least once a week. It only takes a few seconds at the end of a shower, so it’s definitely doable. Is there an area in your house you’ve neglected for a while? Please tell me I’m not the only one!


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