Sneak Peek: July Discounts

If you enjoy seeing the Norwex deals and discounts each month, wait no longer to check out what’s coming up for the month of July!

My favorite of the bunch is the Summer Cleaning Pack (1 Enviro Cloth, 1 Window Cloth, and 1 Dusting Mitt). Of course I love the Enviro and the Window Cloths because they really are the staple pieces of a good Norwex diet. And I know the Enviro Cloth can be used dry to dust your whole house. But once you try the Dusting Mitt you’ll never go back.

Its fluffiness grabs and pockets way more dust than even the Enviro Cloth can handle and the fact that it’s a big mitt just makes it that much faster to buzz around the house without a second thought. Dare I say it’s even fun? Maybe not quite, but a huge smile sure crosses my face when I’m done dusting the house in a matter of minutes. Sa-weet. The mitt feature can also be great for those struggling with a bit of arthritis or the like since gripping a cloth can be difficult and painful.

Whether you want to gather friends and learn about Norwex together or you already found the love and want to share it with those you care about, a demo is a great chance to try out the products in person and ask a bunch of questions. Dare I say it’s even fun?

Yep, I’ll say it. Because it’s true. Seeing the “how did I not know about this stuff before” look come across people’s face is just awesome. An easier, cheaper, healthier, faster way to clean. Good for you, good for your family, good for the world. Here are the details for those of you hosting (or thinking of hosting) a demo in July.


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