He’s A Believer

Even though a guest at one of my Norwex demos turned me into a Dust Mitt believer, my husband was still skeptical. So Doubting Thomas Isaiah took a small trash can with him when he stood on our bed to clean up the home of many uninvited dust bunnies.

He stuck his hand into the fluffy blue mitt, wiped off each fan blade and wouldn’t you know it, I was right! The trash can was totally superfluous because the dust bunnies didn’t fall down. They clung onto the long, soft fingers of the mitt and even buried themselves deep into the fibers, making room for many more of their kind.

After all 3 ceilings fans in the house boasted of clean blades, the Dusting Mitt was taken outside and combed through with the Rubber Brush. This removes much of the dust and adds some static back to the mitt. But other options (if you don’t have the Rubber Brush) include shaking or picking out with your fingers. Then rinse and hang to dry or throw it in the laundry.

One point: Dusting Mitt
Big, Fat Goose Egg: Dust Bunnies


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