Easy Exfoliation

An article recently piqued my interest over on the popular blog, Miss Minimilist. She reports her findings that those microbeads found in many facial or body cleansing products are just tiny balls of plastic! The microbeads are there to exfoliate your skin, which is a necessary part of skin health (getting the dead skin outta there so the fresh, new skin can shine through).

It’s not like I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what those microbeads were, but a bit of plastic still surprised me. Not to mention that they don’t break down, so even though they’re very small, we are rinsing them down the drain and into the waterways to just sit there. And sit there. Until they maybe get ingested by marine animals. And then work their way up the food chain right onto your plate again. Bon appétit!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were another way to exfoliate your face and body? Oh lucky day! Norwex has these amazing Body Cloths that do just that. One side of the cloth is for more exfoliation and the other is for less. You can also vary the level of exfoliation by the amount of water in the cloth (the more water, the lighter the exfoliation).

These Body Cloths are embedded with a natural antibacterial (a silver agent) so the cloth cleans itself. It won’t stink! You can feel good about using it day after day before eventually throwing it in with the wash. Oh and did I mention they remove all makeup with just water? Even waterproof mascara!

So consider using Norwex Body Cloths for your exfoliation instead of plastic microbeads!

Read Miss Minimalist’s complete article on the topic right here. You’ll love her! And microbead photos from here and here


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