Hey Mama

How in the world did I manage to ruin 2.5 new shirts in the last couple months? (Point 5 because one is frayed, but it looks semi intentional so I still wear it. I guess then it’s not really ruined, eh?) I give credit to my hubby for one mishap, me for the others and dang difficult washing instructions for all. (Or washing instructions that happened to get ignored.)

Has this happened to you? It’s so frustrating! All tags should come with this good advice:

Enough fabrics are difficult to care for, but Norwex shouldn’t be one of them. Follow this preventative maintenance plan to avoid many roadbumps.

Norwex Preventative Maintenance Plan

  1. Use only water with your Norwex cloths.
  2. Rinse thouroughly after each use.

And when it does come time to launder your cloths (which is whenever you feel it’s necessary. Hint: it’s a lot less frequent than you’re inclined to think), follow this Plan of Action:

Norwex Laundering Plan

  1. Never use fabric softener (as it coats fabric and steals its absorbency)
  2. Wash in a lint free load (because the Norwex cloths will grab and pocket all that lint, creating some work for you to pick it out)
  3. Never use bleach in laundry loads that include your Norwex cloths

I’ll end with a few tips to keep your cloths as good as new — as well as how to bring in the defibrillator if you need to bring your cloth back to life. Clear!

Norwex Long Term Care

  1. Boil cloths for 10-15 minutes every few months or whenever you notice that your cloths feel or work differently than they once did.
  2. If something really seems wrong (majorly greasy, crunchy patch, nothing else has worked), soak the cloth overnight in hot water and a scoop or two of Norwex Power Plus Laundry Detergent. (Maybe 2T. detergent to 6ish cups water. This is a suuuper concentrated soak.) Then rinse the cloth and it should be back to normal. A rinse and repeat may be necessary for stubborn situations.

And remember you have your very own Norwex consultant who’s there for you to ask questions to! Use them! Or by all means, leave a comment on my blog or send me an email with any questions or concerns and I will help you out (even if I’m not your consultant)!

Helpful tag instructions from my Pinterest page, and originally from weheartit.com. 


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