Sneak Peak: August Specials

Guess what? Norwex is again giving away a mop as a “thank you” gift for August hosts who meet a couple requirements! That’s pretty great since the mop is one of the greatest (and most expensive!) products we offer! Throw out whatever preconceived notions you have of “home parties.” Hosting a demo is just about trying out the products yourself and getting to ask questions. It doesn’t have to be all cheesy and painful. Read about hosting a demo here and see all the deets for earning that mop right here.

But if you’re not in the mood to host, you may be in the mood to take advantage of the sales going on in August. Haven’t gotten around to washing those windows yet? The Window Pack will help make that job easier and much more tolerable. It’s loaded with 3 Window Cloths and 1 Enviro Cloth. Add that to a spray bottle of water and it’s all you need to complete the entire task!

Or check out the Vehicle Care Pack to help you get your mode of transport looking its best again. It comes with a super soft, lime green Car Wash Mitt for sudsing up the outside, a grey leave-no-streaks-behind Car Cloth for drying el carro or washing off the windows and mirrors, and a blue Enviro Cloth to use dry for dusting inside the car, or wet for scrubbing off those bugs from the fender. The Car Wash Mitt works great with soap, but remember the Enviro Cloth just needs water — and soap could harm its effectiveness.

Check out all the other goodness for August customers right here or by clicking the image below.


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