Quality Counts

Many of you probably wonder what makes Norwex so great. You likely even wonder if it’s a big gimmick. That’s okay–I did too until I tried it myself.

I already wrote about my Top 4 Reasons Norwex Trumps All so today I’ll focus on just one of those reasons: the quality of the microfiber.

There are more than 1,800 miles of microfiber woven into each 13″ x 13″ Enviro Cloth. If you stretched those fibers out, they would span the length of 31,000 football fields! Someone try that and let me know if my math checks out. (Okay, maybe not in this heat.)

All that microfiber means the cloth can grab dirt / dust / germs like nobody’s business. And there’s space in that fiber to tuck that “stuff” away so it doesn’t get spread around. Are you a visual learner like me? Then check out this image for clarity:

So although there are many reasons to love Norwex microfiber above other cleaning cloths, the sheer volume of fine fiber woven into the Norwex cloth to make it the highest of quality is my Very Good Reason for today. Now let’s get out to that football field. We’ve got some measuring to do, eh?

Awesome Kinnick pic from the Spirit Game from here


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