Food For Thought Friday

The juiciest possibilities often have the best disguises. Notice them.


That was a line from a ZenHabits post that jumped out, waved its hands wildly, and screamed “notice me!” So I read it again and again, wrote it down, and now am sharing it with you. Is it so tasty to anyone else?

The post was about living a passionate life in the here and now. And you know what? With that quote in my head the last couple days I’ve found myself looking at things a bit differently. Wondering if perhaps hidden within the mundane everyday task is an opportunity that’s waiting to be noticed or acted on. Realizing that more is in my control than I thought. Or like to admit. (Hi, my name is Allison and I play the victim card from time to time.) And we all like to think we have control of our lives, right? By reframing how I look at situations and how I react to them, I have a boatload of control. A full boatload, I tell ya.

So this is just food for thought. And I think better out loud (typing counts). So thank you for this therapy session. Ha. Are there juicy possibilities going unnoticed in your life? Would “having new eyes” toward a situation make a difference? Make you happier? It all reminds me of a quote our middle school principal (when I was teaching) said every day at the end of morning announcements: “Make it a great day or not. The choice is yours.”

Image from here.


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