Travel Towel

Isaiah and I have grown very attached to the X-Large Norwex Bath Towels that we use every day. They are thin, soft, and suuuuuper absorbent. When I have to use one of those thick, fluffy, “luxurious” towels it just doesn’t get me dry. Especially not my hair. And the Norwex towels dry quickly so it’s ready to go even if I have to take two showers in one day.

This over-the-top love of our towels makes traveling and using other towels a bit difficult. So we finally ordered two Sport Towels from Norwex — one for each of us — so we never have to go without a Norwex towel again. Friends and family who may someday host us: don’t be offended if we tote our own towel!

Here are four reasons this Sport Towel may become my new favorite travel companion:

1. Stuff Sack. Each Sport Towel comes in a drawstring pouch that makes transporting these towels quick and painless.

2. Size. The Sport Towel is smaller than our everyday Norwex towels, so it’s simple to pack but still large enough to get the job done. See the Sport Towel on the left and an X-Large Norwex Bath Towel on the right.

Just look how easy it is to pack these towels. My size 8.5 shoe is there for a little size reference.

I can slip two of these babies into the front pocket of our suitcase, barely sacrificing any space for two full towels.

3. Quick Drying. The Sport Towel dries even more quickly than the regular Norwex towels since it’s made out of an almost suede-like fabric so it can be quickly packed away even shortly after being used. (I wrung out the Sport Towel after completely submerging it in water and it already felt nearly dry.)

4. It’s Antibac. The antibacterial feature of the Sport Towel means it won’t get stinky even if it’s packed away while damp. Just take it out of its stuff sack and hang it up when you can.

In addition to travel, these Sport Towels will come in handy for camping, taking to the gym, or even the beach (probably not to lay on, but surely to dry off with). I’ll report back on these towels after we get some good use out of them!

Do you have a favorite travel companion? Is yours sweetly your husband instead of a towel? What item from home do you most wish you could pack up and take with you when you travel? Anyone else getting the travel bug and longing to book some flights or hit the road? I know I am! Do you love fluffy towels and groan when you have to use something thinner? What say you?


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  1. Hey, Allison.

    I do not have the sports towel but if it is anything like the Envirotowel (green and suede microfiber) it will work great!

    When I hosted a show for Jen, the envirotowel was one of my gifts (btw, Norwex has an AWESOME hostess program!!). Jen had talked about the sports towel and I was interested b/c each year the youth group takes a trip and all but one year everyone needs to bring a towel for a week. Oh, and pack it all in ONE duffel bag. Come on, sponsors!?! Really? The towel is what takes up all the room! So the sports towel really had me. But when we totalled up all my freebies for hosting, an envirotowel was included. It is a little smaller than the sports towel but it was free.

    My daughter used it for a week straight. No stink (unlike a regular store bought towel after a week…ugh) and it dried very quickly. She also took along the hair turban (we both love that). Her only complaint was she would have liked the towel a little bigger (sports towel…but hey, kid, envirotowel was free!). When she packed, it fit into the bottom of her toiletry bag. THAT was wonderful! And, did I mention no stink after a full week?!

    I am going to buy the sports towel b/c next year I’ll have two in youth group.

    Sorry for such a long post but I had to tell all your readers the greatness of these towels! 🙂

  2. Posted by Jen on August 4, 2011 at 11:06 am

    I love that testimonial from Deanna about the envirotowel! And I can personally attest to her excitement about the great Norwex hostess program 🙂

    We’re going camping this weekend, so I’m excited to try out the sport towel!

  3. Deanna, how amazing that your daughter’s towel stayed fresh even throughout a week of camping! I love it! And so glad you’re enjoying the hostess awards. It’s a great way to get to try a bunch of the products!

    Jen, how did the travel towel work this weekend? I’ve been using mine and I love how soft it is and how fast it dries!


  4. Posted by Jen on August 10, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    The travel towel worked great this past weekend for camping! My husband and I each used one – it was nice because we just threw them in our bags and they took up virtually no space! So much better than the big fluffy towels we were used to hauling along. The towel worked great for drying off after my shower and the suede material is really soft. I was planning to hang the towels up outside our tent to dry, but it was a rainy evening. So we just draped them over the seat in our car, and they were totally dry by the morning – even all closed up in the car.

    As a bonus, I used the towel the next morning to dry off our tent!

  5. Jen,

    Wonderful! Exactly the towel you need for camping!


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