Travel Towel Tested

I put the Norwex Travel Towel (technically called the Sport Towel, but I like my version better) to the test and it passed easier than gas through a baby. I loved it so much that I want you to have one too, so read to the bottom for a nice discount!

But first, here are 7 reasons I loved the towel after using it on a 5-day trek through the great state of Kansas:

1. Easy to Pack. Two towels took up about as much room as two thick pairs of socks in our suitcase. I could easily throw this in a backpack, shoulder bag, even my purse.

2. So soft! The soft suede-like microfiber was almost as silky smooth as the 1-week-old llama that I got to pet on Isaiah’s uncle’s farm. You don’t get the unwelcome exfoliation from scratchy towels from a cheap motel (like Isaiah experienced the first night before remembering we brought our own).

3. Fast drying. Some days we took showers, got ready, packed up, and hit the road. There was no time to let the towels hang out. We stuffed them into their little cases (well really I stuffed mine in and Isaiah neatly rolled his up) and didn’t take them out until our next stop, often hours and hours later. No problem!

4. Stink Free. Like most of the Norwex microfiber line, the Travel Towels are antibacterial. That means there is something in the fiber (a silver agent) that eliminates bacteria in the towel. With the odor-causing bacteria gone, both our towels stayed stink free our entire trip!

5. Super Absorbant. Not only did they dry me off, but they soaked up all the extra water from my hair allowing my curls to spring up (instead of being weighed down by heavy water) and my hair to dry quickly. Here I am locked in Dodge City’s Boot Hill jail, but at least my curls are intact.

6. Fine Size. The towel measures 19″ x 39″ so while I wouldn’t recommend wrapping it around your body to walk across the house of your in-laws, it was more than enough towel to dry off with.

7. Economical. We stayed in 4 different places throughout the trip and had we not brought our own towel, we would have used a total of 8 towels creating more work for our relatives, more work for Mother Earth. We wouldn’t want to do that to sweet Grandma Goertz.

I put the towel to the test and fell in love, so I’m offering a Norwex Antibacterial Sport Towel to you for $30 from now until next Friday, August 19. That’s more than a 20% discount (regularly $37.99)! You’ll be happy to have this towel for short or long trips, going to the gym, going camping, or who knows–maybe for every day use.

Contact me to order your own Sport Towel today. Would also make a great gift for that active person in your life! Remember that this towel comes with a 2-year warranty so there’s nothing to lose but bulk in your suitcase and a damp, musty smell in your towel.


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