Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE!

I’m taking a step away from Norwex for this post, but it’s about being good to our earth and that’s really what Norwex is about anyway. If you’ve been confused about what you can take to the public recycling sites, this might make your day! Pretty sure it made mine but I can be a little easily amused like that.

I called the Goshen, Indiana city office and got some answers. If you don’t live in Goshen this likely isn’t the same recycling info for you but I encourage you to google a number for your city office and start asking questions!

Here’s what’s allowed in Goshen:

Newspaper Bin = newspapers, magazines, telephone books, copy paper, toilet paper rolls, slicky cardboard like cereal boxes (!!), junk mail or any envelope (!!).

I’m so glad we can put slicky cardboard in here, as I knew I wasn’t supposed to put it in the cardboard bin but felt too awful throwing it away.

For identity theft avoidance it’s a good idea to shred or rip up junk mail before recycling it though!

Cardboard Bin = corrugated only

Plastics/Glass/Tin Bin = #1 + #2 plastics only; clear and colored glass; aluminum cans, soda cans, etc.

And the 1st Sat. of every month they have a hazardous waste pick up at the new jail from 8am to 3pm for things like pesticides, oil based paint, lithium or rechargeable batteries, etc.

I was always unsure if I could put copy paper in with the newspapers so now I don’t need to feel guilty or sneaky about it. I can recycle with confidence! And no more sneaking cereal boxes in with the cardboard even though I knew that wasn’t quite right. In with the newspaper they go. Phew!

Am I the only one who didn’t know these rules? Goshenites, have you checked out this amazing bicycle-powered curbside pick-up recycling program that gives jobs to people with low-income? Other-than-Goshenites, does your city have free recycling? Do you feel inspired to call and check out the fine print? Have you ever gotten on your dark clothes and mask so you could sneak things you knew didn’t belong into the recycling bins? Simply scandalous.

Recycle logo from here. Hazardous waste pic from here.


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