Falling For Autumn: October Discounts

Okay, who else is loving this crispy and cool fall weather? Mmmm! And a whole weekend to enjoy it. Hooray!

Other good things include next month’s deals from Norwex, so take a sneak peak since October is, you know, just around the river bend.

There are a bunch of bundles on sale for everyone in October. The Fall Cleaning Pack is my pick if you’re new to Norwex or want to introduce a friend to Norwex. What a great gift! And the pack of an Enviro Cloth for pretty much any surface, the Window Cloth for glass or stainless steel, and Dust Mitt for super fast dust bunny trapping is everything you need to clean your entire house (well, besides a little bit of water). It’s a great starter pack.

Or if you want to take your Norwexing to the next level, my pick for that is the Dish Pack because it includes the stink free antibacterial Kitchen Cloths, the Dishwashing Liquid which isn’t only good for dishes but also for removing stains from cloths or spray paint from hands, and also the Spririsponge which is a great partner for the Dish Liquid for scrubbing up that stuck on food.

Take a gander at all the customer specials here or from the image below.

Then there are the gifts you earn by hosting a little Norwex get together of your own. Chew over if that’s something right for you by reading this and this. The host gifts for October are below and are generous as always. Take a peak!

I’m most intrigued by the Leather Shine because it’s a brand new product that I haven’t yet used. It’s made of beeswax and shines any color of leather — and is good to the environment. If you give your dress shoes a good shining every so often you already know how stinky that polish can be. And this Norwex stuff is good on shoes, purses, couches, well — anything leather!

Alright, time to skip off and soak up all that autumny goodness outside. Enjoy your weekend!


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