Hand It Over

The Norwex antibacterial hand towel is finally here! Although using the Norwex kitchen tea towel in the bathroom was a fine enough solution, it sure feels great to dry my hands on the official 20″ x 28″ Norwex hand towel. It’s thicker than the tea towels and so, so soft. The silver agent that’s embedded in the cloth goes to town eliminating any germs left on the towel so each time I use it I know it’s clean.

It’s a practical and pleasing taupe color that’s bound to fit in with anydecor as well as match your favorite bath towels. Even with a lack of color it manages to be the star of the show thanks to it’s inviting feel for guests (it dries quickly!). And the fact that it cleans itself is heavenly to anyone in charge of the laundry situation at your home.

I’m thinking you’ll want one next to each sink. I do.

As always, shoot me an email with questions or to order.


Falling For Autumn: October Discounts

Okay, who else is loving this crispy and cool fall weather? Mmmm! And a whole weekend to enjoy it. Hooray!

Other good things include next month’s deals from Norwex, so take a sneak peak since October is, you know, just around the river bend.

There are a bunch of bundles on sale for everyone in October. The Fall Cleaning Pack is my pick if you’re new to Norwex or want to introduce a friend to Norwex. What a great gift! And the pack of an Enviro Cloth for pretty much any surface, the Window Cloth for glass or stainless steel, and Dust Mitt for super fast dust bunny trapping is everything you need to clean your entire house (well, besides a little bit of water). It’s a great starter pack.

Or if you want to take your Norwexing to the next level, my pick for that is the Dish Pack because it includes the stink free antibacterial Kitchen Cloths, the Dishwashing Liquid which isn’t only good for dishes but also for removing stains from cloths or spray paint from hands, and also the Spririsponge which is a great partner for the Dish Liquid for scrubbing up that stuck on food.

Take a gander at all the customer specials here or from the image below.

Then there are the gifts you earn by hosting a little Norwex get together of your own. Chew over if that’s something right for you by reading this and this. The host gifts for October are below and are generous as always. Take a peak!

I’m most intrigued by the Leather Shine because it’s a brand new product that I haven’t yet used. It’s made of beeswax and shines any color of leather — and is good to the environment. If you give your dress shoes a good shining every so often you already know how stinky that polish can be. And this Norwex stuff is good on shoes, purses, couches, well — anything leather!

Alright, time to skip off and soak up all that autumny goodness outside. Enjoy your weekend!

Suds For Me?

You know how you’re supposed to use that special detergent when you have an energy-efficient front-loading washing machine? Yep, you do. And thanks to my always questioning hubby, I’ve often wondered if that was a scam to get us to buy certain brands of detergent. Maybe a brand they have a relationship with?

Well, I finally figured it out! Likely not a scam. Maybe I’m the last person to know this but the reason special HE (high-efficiency) detergent is recommended is because it has special suds depressor added to it. Apparently if it’s too sudsy in there, a front loader can’t get the laundry as clean or rinsed out well since it uses up to 80% less water than the regular washing machines do. Interesting, right? Just to me? Hmm, okay.

Not only do I enjoy little tidbits of info, but it also made me smile because my friend Norwex makes an easy-on-the-environment and friendly-to-your-even-sensitive-skin detergent that’s not super sudsy. I always knew it worked well in front loaders (even though I didn’t have any until recently) but just never understood the why of the matter.

Norwex creates its not-so-sudsy detergent (Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent) because the ingredients added to create all those suds are often the ingredients that are super hazardous and harsh on you. And that’s as true when it comes to your shampoo as it is your dish soap. So Norwex doesn’t add ’em!¬† Note: this doesn’t mean all HE detergents are automatically environmentally friendly though.

So here’s a little virtual fist bump for the laundry detergent I already used and loved working wonderfully in the super-fun-to-use front loaders. Yes, I just admitted laundry is kinda fun. Especially since I use a whooping 1/2 teaspoon of detergent for each large load. Purty cool, yo.

What about you? Do want to punch me since I said laundry is fun? Does it boggle your mind that 1/2 teaspoon of powder gets the job done? Do you have front loaders? Want front loaders? Are you one to question the motives of big businesses like my dear husband? Can you not imagine living without the suds? Do tell.

HE detergents from here.

Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE!

I’m taking a step away from Norwex for this post, but it’s about being good to our earth and that’s really what Norwex is about anyway. If you’ve been confused about what you can take to the public recycling sites, this might make your day! Pretty sure it made mine but I can be a little easily amused like that.

I called the Goshen, Indiana city office and got some answers. If you don’t live in Goshen this likely isn’t the same recycling info for you but I encourage you to google a number for your city office and start asking questions!

Here’s what’s allowed in Goshen:

Newspaper Bin = newspapers, magazines, telephone books, copy paper, toilet paper rolls, slicky cardboard like cereal boxes (!!), junk mail or any envelope (!!).

I’m so glad we can put slicky cardboard in here, as I knew I wasn’t supposed to put it in the cardboard bin but felt too awful throwing it away.

For identity theft avoidance it’s a good idea to shred or rip up junk mail before recycling it though!

Cardboard Bin = corrugated only

Plastics/Glass/Tin Bin = #1 + #2 plastics only; clear and colored glass; aluminum cans, soda cans, etc.

And the 1st Sat. of every month they have a hazardous waste pick up at the new jail from 8am to 3pm for things like pesticides, oil based paint, lithium or rechargeable batteries, etc.

I was always unsure if I could put copy paper in with the newspapers so now I don’t need to feel guilty or sneaky about it. I can recycle with confidence! And no more sneaking cereal boxes in with the cardboard even though I knew that wasn’t quite right. In with the newspaper they go. Phew!

Am I the only one who didn’t know these rules? Goshenites, have you checked out this amazing bicycle-powered curbside pick-up recycling program that gives jobs to people with low-income? Other-than-Goshenites, does your city have free recycling? Do you feel inspired to call and check out the fine print? Have you ever gotten on your dark clothes and mask so you could sneak things you knew didn’t belong into the recycling bins? Simply scandalous.

Recycle logo from here. Hazardous waste pic from here.

Norwex Is Sneaky

Norwex is coming out with some new products this fall, so the September specials are a bit under wraps, even from me! Take a look at the September Specials for everyone:

Aren’t those little mystery masks over the new products hysterical but kinda fun?

And here’s a sneak peak at the September Host gifts for if you host a party next month:

Of course we’ll show the products by the time September actually rolls around, but for now we must live with the questions and anticipation! What do you think those products might be? Some are brand new and some are repackaged. What do you hope Norwex is finally coming out with?

Click on either image for more details. Or check out the August deals that are going on now.

Psst — remember this Friday is the deadline for ordering your Travel Towel with a 20% discount. Read more here! Then contact me to place an order.

Travel Towel Tested

I put the Norwex Travel Towel (technically called the Sport Towel, but I like my version better) to the test and it passed easier than gas through a baby. I loved it so much that I want you to have one too, so read to the bottom for a nice discount!

But first, here are 7 reasons I loved the towel after using it on a 5-day trek through the great state of Kansas:

1. Easy to Pack. Two towels took up about as much room as two thick pairs of socks in our suitcase. I could easily throw this in a backpack, shoulder bag, even my purse.

2. So soft! The soft suede-like microfiber was almost as silky smooth as the 1-week-old llama that I got to pet on Isaiah’s uncle’s farm. You don’t get the unwelcome exfoliation from scratchy towels from a cheap motel (like Isaiah experienced the first night before remembering we brought our own).

3. Fast drying. Some days we took showers, got ready, packed up, and hit the road. There was no time to let the towels hang out. We stuffed them into their little cases (well really I stuffed mine in and Isaiah neatly rolled his up) and didn’t take them out until our next stop, often hours and hours later. No problem!

4. Stink Free. Like most of the Norwex microfiber line, the Travel Towels are antibacterial. That means there is something in the fiber (a silver agent) that eliminates bacteria in the towel. With the odor-causing bacteria gone, both our towels stayed stink free our entire trip!

5. Super Absorbant. Not only did they dry me off, but they soaked up all the extra water from my hair allowing my curls to spring up (instead of being weighed down by heavy water) and my hair to dry quickly. Here I am locked in Dodge City’s Boot Hill jail, but at least my curls are intact.

6. Fine Size. The towel measures 19″ x 39″ so while I wouldn’t recommend wrapping it around your body to walk across the house of your in-laws, it was more than enough towel to dry off with.

7. Economical. We stayed in 4 different places throughout the trip and had we not brought our own towel, we would have used a total of 8 towels creating more work for our relatives, more work for Mother Earth. We wouldn’t want to do that to sweet Grandma Goertz.

I put the towel to the test and fell in love, so I’m offering a Norwex Antibacterial Sport Towel to you for $30 from now until next Friday, August 19. That’s more than a 20% discount (regularly $37.99)! You’ll be happy to have this towel for short or long trips, going to the gym, going camping, or who knows–maybe for every day use.

Contact me to order your own Sport Towel today. Would also make a great gift for that active person in your life! Remember that this towel comes with a 2-year warranty so there’s nothing to lose but bulk in your suitcase and a damp, musty smell in your towel.

Travel Towel

Isaiah and I have grown very attached to the X-Large Norwex Bath Towels that we use every day. They are thin, soft, and suuuuuper absorbent. When I have to use one of those thick, fluffy, “luxurious” towels it just doesn’t get me dry. Especially not my hair. And the Norwex towels dry quickly so it’s ready to go even if I have to take two showers in one day.

This over-the-top love of our towels makes traveling and using other towels a bit difficult. So we finally ordered two Sport Towels from Norwex — one for each of us — so we never have to go without a Norwex towel again. Friends and family who may someday host us: don’t be offended if we tote our own towel!

Here are four reasons this Sport Towel may become my new favorite travel companion:

1. Stuff Sack. Each Sport Towel comes in a drawstring pouch that makes transporting these towels quick and painless.

2. Size. The Sport Towel is smaller than our everyday Norwex towels, so it’s simple to pack but still large enough to get the job done. See the Sport Towel on the left and an X-Large Norwex Bath Towel on the right.

Just look how easy it is to pack these towels. My size 8.5 shoe is there for a little size reference.

I can slip two of these babies into the front pocket of our suitcase, barely sacrificing any space for two full towels.

3. Quick Drying. The Sport Towel dries even more quickly than the regular Norwex towels since it’s made out of an almost suede-like fabric so it can be quickly packed away even shortly after being used. (I wrung out the Sport Towel after completely submerging it in water and it already felt nearly dry.)

4. It’s Antibac. The antibacterial feature of the Sport Towel means it won’t get stinky even if it’s packed away while damp. Just take it out of its stuff sack and hang it up when you can.

In addition to travel, these Sport Towels will come in handy for camping, taking to the gym, or even the beach (probably not to lay on, but surely to dry off with). I’ll report back on these towels after we get some good use out of them!

Do you have a favorite travel companion? Is yours sweetly your husband instead of a towel? What item from home do you most wish you could pack up and take with you when you travel? Anyone else getting the travel bug and longing to book some flights or hit the road? I know I am! Do you love fluffy towels and groan when you have to use something thinner? What say you?